A little poetry among the portfolio posts

It's been a minute since I posted anything other than what I've had to for class, and I suppose this is no different in that aspect, but at least this blog post assignment is better as far as creative freedom goes. And would I be myself if I didn't choose to post a lil' bit … Continue reading A little poetry among the portfolio posts


Some Nature-y Haikus

The muffled mulch Springs back into place With each step taken   Pinecone beginnings fold In on themselves while Needles yellow at their tips   Winter’s owly snow Brings rusty patches to Speckled rock edges      

College Drivel in Reverse-You get it first!

How (not) to turn a page   If you find that your padded fingers Loiter within the half inch of page words Don’t occupy--my darling, do not fret.   Perhaps a passage calls you back, Having been skimmed over the first skip through, Missed by the stone of your conscience- Go back and read it, … Continue reading College Drivel in Reverse-You get it first!

Overdramatic College Drivel #2: Smoked Sugar

Ruby Ashby clawed sightlessly at the flimsy dollar-store trellis puttied onto her wall when the parents first moved with late night murmurs of “need more space” and fond cooings over a “growing baby”. Her eyelashes seemed stitched together with tears, tongue coated no longer with saliva but with the singed remnants of her world. Ashes. … Continue reading Overdramatic College Drivel #2: Smoked Sugar