College Drivel in Reverse-You get it first!

How (not) to turn a page   If you find that your padded fingers Loiter within the half inch of page words Don’t occupy--my darling, do not fret.   Perhaps a passage calls you back, Having been skimmed over the first skip through, Missed by the stone of your conscience- Go back and read it, … Continue reading College Drivel in Reverse-You get it first!

Overdramatic College Drivel #2: Smoked Sugar

Ruby Ashby clawed sightlessly at the flimsy dollar-store trellis puttied onto her wall when the parents first moved with late night murmurs of “need more space” and fond cooings over a “growing baby”. Her eyelashes seemed stitched together with tears, tongue coated no longer with saliva but with the singed remnants of her world. Ashes. … Continue reading Overdramatic College Drivel #2: Smoked Sugar