Teacher Desk Profiles: Reggie Walters explains the mess that is his desk

Among the Gull Lake High School staff, math teacher and baseball coach Reggie Walters considers his desk one of the most cluttered. A self-proclaimed ‘sea of papers’ overwhelms most of its surface, but, upon a closer glance, one might discover more unique trinkets amidst the clutter. The objects are varied―some pertaining to teaching, some to coaching, some to family―but all are related to his life in some way or another.

Frontmost on the desk, next to his devotional, rests a soft, nerf-like ball.

“For throwing the ball at my class,” Walters said.

Violent as this may sound, Walters implements the ball in his teaching often, both as a means of attention-getting and turn-taking. Walters also uses factoring tiles — taking up residence on the desk in a plastic bin– with his students, which he hopes makes the classroom setting more interactive.

“I try to make my math classes a little more hands-on,” Walters said. “It’s not always direct instruction; I try to do that as much as possible, but it depends on the class―if they can do it or handle the stimulation.”

…read the rest on the GLHS Reflection site!


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