Shreksposed: Prom not to take place in a swamp

Gull Lake’s Junior-Senior Prom theme was revealed during seminar March 29, to the great surprise of all those students under the impression they were to attend a Shrek themed prom. In actuality, the dance will be set in an enchanted forest rather than a swamp.

Following the March 17 twitter leak concerning Gull Lake’s 2017 prom theme, students were all aflutter over the implications of a

Shrek themed dance. Appearances suggested the theme’s legitimacy, though many denounced it as a prank designed to distract from the true theme. In any case, there was plenty of controversy surrounding the Student Senate’s intentions.

The main twitter post in question was one by Micah Sweezie, Junior member of Gull Lake Student Senate. Within 140 characters, it hinted at prom plans and included an incriminating ogre pun: ‘HEY SENIORS! Something special is coming ogre to Gull Lake! Prom announcements coming soon!’ accompanied by a photo depicting a sliver of the Shrek logo.

Responses ranged from excitement to horror to a general acceptance that something like this would happen at Gull Lake

“Some people didn’t want us to ruin their senior prom and others endorsed it. Most people didn’t like it though,” junior senate member Kyle Schmitt said.

He was pleased with the Student Senate’s ability to keep up the charade and really convince the student body.

“We planned several tweets under the class of 2018 twitter. Basically we just didn’t let anyone know the real theme and spread propaganda,” Schmitt said of their strategy.  “When (students) asked ‘Really?’ I responded ‘Yes, I am planning it.’”

How did the ruse originate? Schmitt claims it was a spur of the moment reaction to peers’ questions about prom.

“Basically in AP Lang someone asked us the theme,” Schmitt said. “In that class there are four junior student senate members- me, Micah, Tova, and Sarah. Micah made up something on the spot and said it was Shrek, then asked me for confirmation…Good thing I went along with it and didn’t spill the beans.”
The rumored theme spread naturally from there, circulating through the student body and, consequently, the twitterverse. Only advisors (Mrs. Addy and Mrs. Kuch) and junior student senate members knew the truth, as prom planning falls to juniors in order to keep details from senior members who may attend the dance.

The authentic theme was indeed kept under wraps until the official release; the enchanted forest theme was received with surprise, relief, and in rare cases disappointment from students attending prom. Regardless, junior student senate members are confident in their choice of theme.

“The State Theatre and enchanted forest theme go well together,” Schmitt said.

Decided upon by a group of officers scrolling through Pinterest at Liz’s Parkview Cafe, the enchanted forest aesthetic promises ‘something cool with lights or lanterns’ and a brown, green, and gold color scheme. Beyond that, decor is top secret until prom night. It will not, however, involve Shrek.

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