Richland Farmer’s Market will set up shop at the Richland Area Community Center

After occupying the Gull Lake Middle School parking lot for its 9 years of existence, the Richland Farmer’s Market has switched locations to the Richland Area Community Center (RACC).

As explained by Rebecca Balko, Richland Farmer’s Market Manager, the previous board members (having run it since its fruition) decided to step down and the market was subsequently moved.

“The RACC was happy to take (the market) under its wing,” Balko said.

What changes might the alternative setting bring to the Farmer’s Market experience?

The new location (will provide) the shoppers with an environment that will enhance the natural experience of the market,” Balko said. “With the RACC’s numerous trails and recreation sites, shoppers will also be able to enjoy exposure to some of the things they love.”

The market is set to open May 10 and run Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. until its closing Oct. 4. It remains a proud partner of the Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA) and the Food Assistance Partnership; it continues to offer fresh, local, healthy food and will again be accepting Bridge Cards.

The new market set up will have vendors’ booths aligned with the RACC’s trails. Graphic courtesy of Richland Farmer’s Market

However, some elements of market set-up will differ, as it must adapt to the new environment. For one, restroom facilities and convenient parking will be available to shoppers and vendors alike.

“The placement of vendors will be located along the existing paved trails at the RACC,” Balko said. “A large portion of the vendors will have the benefit of shade from trees along the trail. There are benches and a gazebo that shoppers can sit at and enjoy the weekly musicians.”


Detailed on the Richland Farmer’s Market website are the organization’s overarching goals:

“1. Provide a profitable outlet for local farmers and craft vendors

  2. Create a place to gather and socialize for Richland area residents

   3. Provide access to a predictable, ample selection and variety of high quality fresh, locally-grown produce and crafts for customers of all socioeconomic groups.”

The relocation certainly seeks to uphold and even expand upon these objectives for the benefit of the community.

To stay up to date on Richland Farmer’s Market happenings, email to be added to their mailing list or visit their Facebook page.

For more information on the RACC, visit their website

To see the official article, go to the Gull Lake Reflection’s site. 


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