Self-Eval Tri 2 (eek)

Alright. So. I immensely enjoy writing for newspaper class, brainstorming ideas and getting into the thick of things for information. I love that my voice recorder app is full of interviews and I actually don’t mind transcribing the resulting quotes. Journalism might well be something I want to pursue.

In order to eventually pursue this, however, I need to work on the deadline part of the deal. News needs to be, well, you know, timely. Part of my execution problem is that I get really excited about writing this article and that article and ALL THE ARTICLES, but then my schedule gets in the way or I don’t even know where to start or I work on them all at once and then they’re all finished at the same time (aka the last minute).

Also, everything I write magically turns into a feature. Don’t ask me how, it just happens. Probably because I’m more inclined to write human interest stories and get carried away with the subject. As great as features are, I should probably get around to learning how to write a news article or even a simple beat at some point.

But I really really really like features (and opinions, even though they’re scary).


One thought on “Self-Eval Tri 2 (eek)

  1. Good points. you recognize them and can work on them. The important thing is to keep on writing. You are doing a fantastic job!


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