Tasha Harrison’s class attends Annie at Miller Auditorium

Thursday, February 16 marked Tasha Harrison’s special education class’ long-anticipated field trip: the 7 p.m. showing of Annie at Miller Auditorium.

Students and chaperones first met at 5 p.m. in . Harrison’s room, dressed for the theatre and already filling up on Twizzlers. Once all attendees had gathered, the kids piled into 3 cars (driven by Mrs. Harrison,  and the trip was underway.

The expedition began with a pit stop at Culver’s for burgers, cheese curds and ice cream. The group greeted familiar Gull Lake Culver’s employees and enjoyed amiable conversation throughout the meal before carpooling to Miller.

After finding adjacent parking places and maneuvering the crowded entrance human-chain style, the students and chaperones picked up the tickets and split into two seating groups. They eagerly rifled through the playbills in search of the cast list until the lights dimmed and the orchestra began playing; there was no shortage of in-seat grooving and whisper sing-alongs to the jazzy showtunes.

By intermission, the effects of delayed bedtimes were setting in, but the twisting plot kept the students attentive and bolstered group morale.

“What I thought was that in some parts of the show it got really dramatic and then it went from dramatic back to normal setting,” said freshman Andrew Peavler.

The students were pleased with the concluding number and Annie’s adoption by Daddy Warbucks.

“When Annie ended up with a happy ending, that was my favorite part,” Peavler said.

Sleepily trudging out of the auditorium, students were ready to hit the sack, and there was great debate over whether school the next day was entirely necessary. However, energy rose again in a one-sided race back to the school, and Harrison was urged to drive “faster, faster!”

Parting in the bus loop at around 10 p.m., the overwhelming feeling from the group was one of gratitude at having been able to see the musical live.

“I liked it because I got to see all the characters,” said Molly Veenkant. “It was fun because I got to see it.”


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