College Drivel in Reverse-You get it first!

How (not) to turn a page


If you find that your padded fingers

Loiter within the half inch of page words

Don’t occupy–my darling, do not fret.


Perhaps a passage calls you back,

Having been skimmed over the first skip through,

Missed by the stone of your conscience-

Go back and read it, aloud if you must,

let the words be more than sounds.


If not for a sharp movement of

A fellow car-sitter,

Ignoring each other through pretense

Of barely tinted windows,

It may have been your favorite.


Or you no longer comprehend

The niggling note left in

Uber fine sharpie and peeping from

Behind dog ear-

“Start with cardboard cutouts, then reveal complexity”


And suddenly you do feel like a cardboard figure,

Sans complexity, and wonder

If your past self was psychic.


Though evidently that foresight is lost,

Flown away on Icarus wings,

Book pages sewn together with embroidery

Floss, layered feathers in crude

shingle formation.


And you cannot force yourself

Beyond waxed paper,

Too light to lift

Without rippling.

Heat of sun and breath magnified

By rearview mirrors–


But do not worry, child,

A volume splayed across center console at 175*

Will not split your spine.

Your story will not burst aflame

Should you not burst forth.

Not yet; there is time; there are covers to ignore.


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