Overdramatic College Drivel #2: Smoked Sugar

Ruby Ashby clawed sightlessly at the flimsy dollar-store trellis puttied onto her wall when the parents first moved with late night murmurs of “need more space” and fond cooings over a “growing baby”. Her eyelashes seemed stitched together with tears, tongue coated no longer with saliva but with the singed remnants of her world. Ashes. … Continue reading Overdramatic College Drivel #2: Smoked Sugar


College Creative Writing Drivel #1: THE LAKE

  Their stories fit together like the Indian Puzzles that rub feet and fingers raw-we reassemble grooved stalks until they are frayed and flimsy as muffled sand beneath tunnels and towels and toes. Wave-worn dykes punctuate beaches, inconsequential barriers over which stones and generations spill. Hasty scuffed knees on crisscross wires are bandaged by remembering … Continue reading College Creative Writing Drivel #1: THE LAKE