Guitar ‘jam sessions’ take the lobby

Guitar-slinging students disperse throughout the lobby as guitar teacher Branden Burris sets them free to practice their strums and chords. He’s filled his first two weeks as instructor alternating between one-on-one lessons and campfire-style singalongs, guiding a group of varying experience in Gull Lake High School’s Intro to Guitar.

Each student brings a different goal and skill level.

“No one is judgemental,” junior Allie Garland said. “Everyone’s learning at their own pace and everybody understands that this is a learning experience…and everyone’s cool with each other, kinda like family.”

Garland came into the class with prior guitar knowledge, skill, and even performance experience.

“Guitar is not easy at first,” Garland said of her beginner’s days.”I played until my fingers bled. It hurt. But it got easier.”

“I’m gonna get all of Bohemian Rhapsody down on guitar. I will do it, I swear,” Garland said on her current plans. Along with these is her budding musical career. “I’m trying to play everywhere I can,” Garland said.

Guitar has also attracted first-timers like junior Sierra Mason.

“I’ve been wanting to play guitar since I was like five,” Mason said. “My mom got me an electric guitar that was pink with white flames when I was eight and I never learned to play it…so here we are.”

As for her ultimate goal, Mason wishes to carry out the what she claims is the I-Can statement.

“I hope to learn to fun-tertain my friends by a campfire,” Mason said.

Junior Brady Hand sums up his perspective on the class environment. The class is “laid back, pretty easy, if you try your hardest, you get credit for it–unlike geometry,” Hand said.

See this post (along with photos) on the GLHS Reflection:


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