250 words in response to Worth a Thousand Words

I view the News as an entity objective and separate from the individual, organization, and government agency, its primary purpose to provide the public with as honest a representation of world events as possible. In times of conflict this takes even more importance, and journalists are responsible for accurately depicting one of our most terrible human struggles. The realities of war must be documented and distributed, lest we be inclined to live in ignorance. As long as photos/articles are both poignant and respectful without presenting any real danger to troops or war efforts (mind you, no propaganda) material gleaned on the field should in no way be restricted. As far as risking a compromised embed program, any removal from the system would be unfortunate, but in the case of censored information, contradiction may have been necessary.

When it comes to world news, I suppose the best coverage would stem from a combination of wide scale observation and first hand accounts by journalists and photographers in the thick of combat zones. Evidence of casualties and events on all sides should be featured in the media for a balanced portrayal of the realities of war. As an American soldier, in eventuality of injury or death, any tasteful photographs should be used to inform the public, and as an American reporter, material should not be influenced by a government agency’s interest. To preserve the integrity of American media (what’s left of it, anyway), full and honest reportage of even warfare is absolutely essential.


One thought on “250 words in response to Worth a Thousand Words

  1. So glad you are doing a blog. Your articles inform as well as raising questions. Your writing is thought provoking. Waiting for your next blog.


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